Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking at spinning from a new direction

Time to get back to spinning, paying specific attention to what I am actually spinning. I have created a lovely variegated set of batts from my 2nds. Border liecester with some 2nd cuts and some vm but a glorious dye batch. A little extra effort and I think I will have something wonderful. I am spinning this on my lithuanian wheel which is pictured here on my blog, it is restored and does spin very nicely. I went to guild last week and realized that my foot flies, small wheel, I guess compared to all the new ones with dt.
So far I have filled ok overfilled one bobbin, it has spun itself up a bit thinner than I think I want, but I like to let the fiber take some direction. NOT claiming to be some fantastic technical spinner. It is making a soft pretty fine yarn. I plan on making is a three ply. I have an intended project that will use some other fleece.
So pics today of what i have done so far with further postings this week on progress.

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