Thursday, November 5, 2009

Need to part with these fantastic wheels

Tough decisions, letting go, I put my Beautiful John Westlake Wheel up for sale last month,it has not sold so back here I go with a price cut, 1800$ for this fantastic wheel. Also see my wonderful easy to use fully restored Lithuanian double drive wheel $525.00, I am also parting with my one of a kind true childs wheel found in the attic of a Dakota farmstead over 30 years ago, it is hand crafted most likely dates from the 1800s, 425.00. A true piece of americana. Also for sale is a very small working wheel made in 1981,125.00, and a toy wheel that I have no idea when it dates from 40$.

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ChelleC said...

Do you still have your Lithowanian wheel available. Sp? Email and let me know.

Hi, there

Hi, there