Friday, August 8, 2008

moving one

it is one tired woolworker here, i have sold two more of my wheels in 1 and 1/2 weeks, my favorite wheel is leaving on saturday, and i really hope to sell my folding lendrum wheel asap,. i did get my shipment from the netherlands, two bea spinning wheels and my bogway spinners. I have actually got one of the "new" wheels up and running. I have another to put together. The bogway spinners are great, no holding the hand way above the shoulder to spin actually takes very little action. Yeah, saves my arm.

I have a a very big to do list, and i am running on empty and trying like mad to make enough to keep my house. This past year has been really hard and sooo-- disappointing, so much for trusting the one ya love. ha! Last week was absolutely devastating, i sat and listened during a deposition as he lied, and lied, and then told of hiding money! Yup, he had said he had no money and he had alot of money!! I was left to beg family to pay our bills and he had enough money to help out, as actually it was our debt from our life. I had held on to my allusions till then, I was in an absolute haze of shock over how he is, good grief. I have been left with no funds, and on the brink of disaster.

Thus the frantic work to make money, i have been so busy the last 10 mths to keep it all afloat that i have not had time to build my web site (let alone learn the techy stuff) or to get my business up and running. He has spent his time doing a lot of nothing apparently, i guess getting a new life, while his wife was trying to pay the bills from his other life.

I like my optomistic side myself, it is just suffering defeat at the moment, better get moving, more stuff to sell.

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