Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and then theres the plumbing

Well thank goodness i sold the pioneer lady, i got the washer fixed, ouch! Now i have to deal with the failing plumbing, i certainly do not want to find my basement flooded some morning due to the rusted pipes giving way. The thought of all the wet wool that would create is overwhelming.
Today in Portland it is raining, i had pulled in all my wool last night, and while doing that I saw a possum in my yard, i had seen one in my headlights one night but i think this thing may be living in my yard. It certainly was ugly!
I am thinking about what to sell next, guess it is time to put somethings up on ebay. This week i plan on dyeing some wool and working on my web site, more techy learning to do. I never lack for something to do, guess that keeps me from getting too stuck, which could be a possibility at this stage in my journey.
I still can not find this blog when i go looking for it, hmmm better fix that.

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Hi, there

Hi, there