Sunday, October 12, 2008

more wheels for sale and my buddy Whalen

I have more wheels for sale, still have the wonderful edammertje wheels, but also need to sell my lovely Norwegian Princess high ratio double drive wheel, and a country craftsman double drive wheel with 6 bobbins and a distaff, if you look closely at the picture of the country craftsman you will see my buddy Whalen, he is a pretty spooky kitty and usually hides from the camera. He is such a sweet boy, and follows me around and wants to be petted all the time. Whalen has the softest undercoat, i plan on spinning his "wool" soon.


Blueball Mountain Spindle and Needle Works said...

Are your Norwegian and country craftsman wheels still for sale? What are the prices?



kathy, aka woolwoman said...

hi, yes the cc and the princess are for sale, the cc is 390 and comes with 6 blbbins and a distaff, the princess is 400, with 5 bobbins, she weights a mere 11lbs, both are nice wheelsl.

srisang said...

Thank you my dear, keep an eye out for the rest of it :)

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