Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, more wool washed, dye experiments,warp board

Well today saw more wool dry and more wool washed, it was a beautiful day but windy and i had to keep picking up wool that blew around, but no matter, more wool is washed and put away, and dye experiments for the most part were successful.
Thanks to people on the dye list, spin off and reading books on making striped yarn, i made my own warping(i think wrapping board) to make skeins for patterned dyeing. I used found materials, a board from the garage, and some pegs that were in the decorative painting box, the only thing to purchase was a drill bit to make the holes the right size.
It took awhile to find an extension cord, hmm where did the basket of cords go? but i succeeded and feel like i have accomplished things today.
I think i have done enough for one day, phew--sundays are hard as they are my no advil day, ouch. Oh well, i keep on keeping on.

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