Saturday, September 6, 2008

dry & dye day

the sun is out & so the pressure is on to get the wool washed & dryed, and get some dyeing in as well. It would be nice to take a time and just sit, but the summer is back for just awhile and i am so pumped about the idea of all the wool getting washed that is currenly in boxes in the basement, the numbers are low, i can almost see the finish line.
today saw some lovely gulf coast wool drying on the racks, also really nice border leicester, a beautiful sunny brown shetland, and then the rotation occured and some alpaca came out to dry.
Meanwhile i had set some kettles to going and dorset had been soaking to make sock kits. I have read that dorset makes a nice springy resilent yarn for socks, and as this particular fleece is not feltable i thought it would really make very practical sock wool. So some interesting colors, changing dye brands has thrown me a bit, i guess i have too much vinegar in the water and i am not totally used to the new colors i have mixed. I did come up with some lovely blues, a interesting kettle of purple and green, just not the purple i expected, and a little kettle of rainbow colors.
I have the next fleece for the rotation almost done and i think i can catch my breath and relax for a bit. i am also selling knitting needles on ravelry, spinning wheels on the lists and ravelry.
lovely day

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