Friday, July 25, 2008

07/25/08, this week has found me washing wool, a wonderful romneyxfinn, a beautiful "black" rambouilet, Now a gorgeous "black" merino, and white lovely rambouilet, and a jacob that was a lot of work. I am trying to figure out the transfer of photos from camera to blog.
I am selling a wonderful spinning wheel i have, it is unique, It is called a pioneer lady and is one of about six of these wheels made, It was designed by Mike Keeves of New Zealand and is a copy of his little grace wheel, it is the 5 ratio version and differs in the builder and the design of the wheel and the wood and of course mike has moved on to all enclosed bearings with his 6 ratios wheels.
this i should say was an unauthorized copy, mike does know about this particular wheel. It has a tandem treadle that is so easy and smooth to use, one just needs to take a moment to get used to the heal toe action, with five ratios and tapered flyer shaft that is a pressure connnection. the bobbins change very easly.
the wheel is made of black walnut and weights with 7 bobbins on board a mere 16lbs, it has a carry handle cut out. Too make this wheel even more unique it comes with 19 double ended bobbins so should one end get damaged it is still usable. I bought this last year as a first owner as it had been in storage apparently, it also has a second flyer with smaller hooks, an extra footman, a pigtail and a matching orifice hook.
I am trying to figure out my camera so i can get pictures of this beautiful wheel up, this wheel is very good for spinning fine yarn. I am sure with the other ratio's it can do anything, but with the wool i have used it is quit fine. I do love this wheel but must sell it due to the dreaded financial short fall.
I am working on another project right now that also required my camera, i am inventorying my wool with pictures and remaining weight of each bag. A large project that will end with a nice sale of my wool.
Twas a lovely day here in portland, pleasantly warm not hot, a perfect summer day.

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